Due to successfully designing volume 5 of Nations magazine, I was asked to redesign the overall branding for Nations magazine and its layout.
Upon collaborating with Nations Media’s Creative Director, we opted for a black and white color scheme to reinforce a minimalist design style. The magazine also lacked consistency in their typography, to resolve this issue, I established branding guidelines for all titles, paragraphs, quotes, and captions. Additionally, I created a 2-column grid system which added length for copy and negative space for quotes and photos. Upon completion of the magazine's rebranding, I later gave art direction to illustrators for an article piece.
The magazine rebrand was a resounding success as it is currently used throughout future editions of Nations magazine.
Client:  Nations Media
Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Project Manager

Project Deliverables:
• Art Direction
• Create Magazine Branding Guidelines
• Design & Layout
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